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Introduced in 1946 by the Iroquois China Company, Russel Wright’s Casual line was advertised as “stove to table” and guaranteed against breakage. Created for every day casual dining in the modern household, pieces were designed with multiple uses and stacked well for efficient storage. Russel Wright’s Iroquois China remains popular today for everyday use, allowing for use in today’s microwaves and dishwashers and offers collectors the largest variety of colors and shapes to choose from. Colors include a pastel palette (Pink Sherbert, Ice Blue, Lettuce Green, Lemon Yellow), an earthtone palette (Ripe Apricot, Avocado, Nutmeg), a neutral palette (Sugar White, Oyster and Charcoal), and a palette of saturated colors (Cantaloupe, Turquoise and Brick Red). When first introduced, pouring pieces and cups featured integrated handles and lids featured indented pinch handles. The pottery and glazes were thick and somewhat uneven, mimicking studio pottery. The early glazes (Powder Blue, Avocado and Nutmeg) featured random and irregular “foamy” and raindrop effects. While appreciated by collectors today, consumers at that time were not receptive to these treatments, and instead, pieces were restyled and redesigned throughout the line to become more uniform in shape and color, appealing more to consumers. Eventually integrated handles were replaced by looped, attached handles and pinch lids replaced by knob lids. The stacking creamer and sugar was replaced by a separate sugar with a knob lid and a handled creamer. The many shapes, colors, restylings and redesigns can be overwhelming to newer collectors but at the same time, this offers a tremendous flexibility in collecting and usage.